martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

the future

Hi! Today i’m going to write about how I imagine my life in ten years.
I imagine that I will be working in interior design or furniture design. I study architecture but this is what I would like to do. Maybe I would like to teach too and have my own art gallery.
I hope I will be forming a family and building a house designed by me. I hope in another place different to Santiago. I don’t like this city,I think it’s chaotic. The smog,the people,all the cars. I don’t like this rhythm of life.I think its stressing and the world is so big and life is too short to live in Santiago haha but I don’t know yet where I would like to live.
I hope my dog Perlita would be still with me!!! But this is almost impossible because she’s very old L so I’ll must have like 10 dogs that replace the love of my Perlita
About the world, I hope that it turns un-technological ,I mean that we learn to use the technology in our favor only. And this vice for smartphones and social networks remain in the past. When I think in future I fear that this addiction for social networks grows, and we become more disconnected each day, and we turn into people without a real social life and without feelings.

I hope in ten years all my wishes came true, and MORE. And the life surprised me positively

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2016

Birthday Weekend

Hi! today I'm going to tell you about my last long weekend.

The last week I was on a workshop of architecture in the university. The week was a little hard and intense, so I was so grateful to have a long weekend to rest :) The workshop finished on friday night.

I knew that this will be the weekend of the birthdays.

After the workshop I went to one of my friend's birthday.It was not very funny because I was a little sick :( The next day,Saturday I slept all day because I was so tired. On Saturday night I had to go to the birthday of a friend of my school. I didn't want to go because I still feel sick, but when I was there I had a great time anyway. I was with my school's friends, I laughed a lot, and ate A LOT; french fries,cake,kuchen,chocolates,etc.
On sunday I rested on the morning and after lunch I saw a movie called "Colonia Dignidad". I really like it, it's a very interesting movie about chilean's history.
On Monday I was so happy because I slept a lot and spend time with my doggie
At 5 pm we received good news: my little cousin was born
My family was so happy with this.
So, next year, I'll have one more birthday to celebrate on this days

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

My first CD!


Today I’m going to talk about the first CD that I bought. It was “The open door” from Evanescence. I was 12 years old, and I loved this band. I was a big fan of them, and after this I bought all the CDs of the band, I mean ALL. Even the CDs that you have to bring from USA,because it wasn’t in Chile. I think this band was a big part of my adolescence. I bought the posters, the t-shirts. I was PATHETIC haha.

In 2007 they came to Chile, and I went to the concert with my dad. There were a lot of people wearing black, with eyeliner, white faces. And I was a little girl with her daddy haha

In 2013 (I think) they came to Chile again. And I didn’t like them like I used to, but I went to the concert anyway,just for fun.

Today I think that they are a great band, good musicians. But I don’t like their style at all.
I completely changed my likes. But I steel think that the vocalist have a really nice voice.
In fact, I’m not sure, the band doesn’t exist anymore. It’s only the singer (Amy Lee)  like a solist. 

Today, I still have the cds, and I don’t think that I buy other cd in my life. Because I download the songs of the bands that I like, from Internet :) I know that it's not the same, but I don't like spend money in cds


martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

Sidney Opera House

Hi! Today i’m going to talk about a building I like: Sidney Opera House.One of the most famous buildings of the 20th century. In fact it was declared World Heritage Site.It’s not my favorite building ,but I think that it was something different from that time (It was built in 1937).This is like a performing arts centre. like theater , ballet , opera or musical productions.Designed by the architect Jørn Utzon, with a series of large concrete "shells", each composed of sections of a sphere forming the roofs of the structure. This is what caught my attention the first time I saw this building ( in a picture :( ) , How the pieces, that come from a sphere, a volume, are reordered and composed as a new form. Like something broken and reordered in a different way.
]It's sad to think that we're so far from buildings used like arts centre of this magnitude. Because in Chile the art it's not appreciated like in others countries.I hope to someday visit this building. I think it’s a work you must see at least one time in your life. 

martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

One of my favorite artists: James Turrell

Today I’m going to write about an artist that I discovered last year. His name is JamesTurrell. He  is an American artist primarily concerned with light and space.I won’t describe an artwork in particular, because the things I like about this artist are present in many of his works: The colored lights and the loos of space. I like his work because you’re part of it, you can walk through. You live the work,and it becomes an experience. because he plays with the space and the perception. You lose the notion of the scale, the depth, and the limits. You are like floating in a purple light, yellow or any color.I think it’s easy for a person who doesn’t know about art to interpret the artwork, because it’s easy to feel something when you’re part of the installation like this.In general I like sculptures that you can be part of it. I think the reason that I like this is because I study architecture, I usually think in projects that you can walk through obviously, and you live an experience similar to James Turell’s work, that the most important part is the experience of each person.

martes, 12 de abril de 2016

Cerro San Cristobal

Today i'd like to write about "Cerro San Cristobal".It is a Metropolitan Park, the most extensive in Santiago. The view from the top is really amazing.You can climb to the top riding bicycle or doing trekking, or  you can even go in your car.
When I was a kid I visited this place a lot with my parents. The thing I liked the most was the cable car.I was excited and shocked how a cable car with an egg shape can FLY. Because that’s what I felt... We flew over the city.I loved this place.. I always ate an ice cream after the cable car and my parents ate “mote con huesillo”, a Chilean drink.A few years ago the cable car was closed. And for that reason I didn’t go to San Cristobal for years.This year the cable car will open again.Probably it will not be the same feelings of when I was a kid, but I’m so excited about that anyway

martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

who I am

This is my new blog.
I don't like to write and I don't like to talk about me neither,because it's hard for me to describe who I am,or what I like to do. I'm always changing my opinions or my likes about everything.
I hope someday know who I am or what I like, or maybe not.
Maybe its good to be a changeable person. 

I study architecture. 
I love it and sometimes I really hate it.
It's something new every day

The only thing that I love since I have memory is art. This never changed
I thing art is the best thing in the world.You can find it everywhere. 
Art for me is like to see the world with other eyes,with sensitive, with feelings
Art is happiness or sadness. Art is what each eyes can see.
Art is like a parallel world where not everybody can go 
Its a place to think or just feel.
Its a way to know you or to doubt who you are.
art is life for me,and a way to understand the world.